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NZ Links 2015

Our travels

Kia Ora,

Ann wants to get her students growing fruit and veggies this term so Peter spent a few hours helping Ann by filling the raised beds at school with some of our home made compost.
There was an old rosemary plant growing in the corner of one of the beds which we dug up and transplanted into a large tub when we got home. You never know – if it survives it might make a rather good bonsai (in a few years time that is).
The Hamilton Bonsai Club show was on at the Hamilton Gardens - we had 19 trees on display plus we took some in for the sales table and a couple to work on during the day.
Ann's large wisteria was in full bloom for our show - you could smell the fragrance all through the hall.
The girls had a bit of company in the evenings as Noel came down from Kerikeri for the show.

Honey loves going out in the car or ute now. She used to climb into the vehicle and lie down – for the whole journey but lately she’s become more adventurous and will not only sit up and look around but even stick her head out of the window briefly!
Of course Maxie loves to see what’s going on and would spend her life sitting watching the world go by with her chin resting on an open window.
Peter went to Christchurch for the bonsai convention. His hotel was right next to the Three Boys brewery (he likes their IPA) - unfortunately he didn't have time for a tour.
However he did make time before he was due at the convention to have a quick look at the city centre - completely different from when we were last there in 2003.
As part of the regeneration there is a shopping centre made from shipping containers. Very colourful, and all around are new pieces of artwork such as this.
Peter won the Photographic competition at the Convention. He had to bring the trophy back in his suitcase so he couldn't buy as many pots as he wanted.

News from Home

Ann's dad supported Wales for the Rugby World Cup - oh dear. The whole of New Zealand were very happy bunnies with the All Black victory and thrashing of the Aussies.


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