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Whilst Ann was recovering with her hip she used one of the armchairs from the three piece suite – however this meant that poor Peter had to share his sofa with the girls – not a lot of room really!

Ann is now back at work full time after a week or so of half days - and she's shattered! She's counting the days until the next school holiday - 20 more school days.

Peter's old Ute was starting to cost money in repairs so we went out looking for a replacement. We'd been running around in it for 10 years and it was getting on for 20 years old.

We went in to Te Awamutu and had a look at the Mahindra but it had very hard seats and the doors were very close to the occupants.

The second one we looked at was the Foton. Peter had two test drives in that one.

He finally settled on the Ssangyong. Lots of space, drives well and is much quieter.
Maxie likes it as well

Honey has a very stubborn streak (Shar Pei’s are famous for their obstinacy) and she can certainly demonstrate it to everyone. We hadn’t even made it to the main road last weekend when Honey decided she didn’t want to walk any further. Down she went, lying on her back with her legs up and that look in her eye – I’m NOT moving – much to the amusement of several neighbours! We had to stand and wait for several minutes before she decided it was time to get up and continue walking.


Trimming of the hedges continues.....
...ably assisted by Maxie.....
...and Honey!
Peters' Friday 'uniform'. A beautiful purple/pink Ricoh top. Can you tell by his expression that he's not over the moon about wearing it?
Ann and her fellow teacher Nicole got into the swing of Daffodil Day (for cancer research) by dressing up in yellow.

The last couple of weeks saw Spring starting to appear with all the flowering cherries, camellias, magnolias, kowhai and rhododendrons coming in to full bloom.

The 31st saw yet another arrival in the clan, Baby T, as we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

The deciduous bonsai are all beginning to show green buds - soon they'll be in full leaf and then we'll be spending every spare minute pruning and styling ready for our annual club show in October.


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