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Coming home from our February bonsai meeting around 10pm the whole sky suddenly lit up with a massive flash. At first we thought it was lightning but the following morning the news was all about a small meteorite that had exploded off the coast up near Auckland. Not only did it light up the entire sky of the north island but there was a sonic boom noise too.

Honey is slowly settling in and getting into our routines. She's still wary of loud noises and is scared of the mower, line trimmer, vacuum cleaner, dust buster, food processor etc etc. However she's getting better with the garage door motor.


Being a townie she's both fascinated and wary of the sheep, pigs, ponies, horses and cattle we see on our daily walks around the village. She sits down and looks at them (from a distance) before moving off with frequent looks back at them. If we get too close to a rural animal before she's realised it she will jump and back off fast or hide behind our legs!

We leave treats and toys for the girls to play with whilst we're at work but Honey decided she'd rather delve into our recycling box and shred the cardboard.
Peter has spent three days (over the last 3 week-ends) fixing fencing to stop the Honey Monster from getting out. So far it's several places in each of three different fences he's had to mend. When the Honey Monster doesn't want to come back to us this is Peter's only response!


We decided to try and make more use of the deck. The big brolly we had didn't work very well in the wind so we've had a Archgola built.

This will give us shade over the whole deck as well as rain protection and allows us to open up the family room doors fully.

Over winter it will give a bit of extra protection for some of the more tender bonsai.


Maxie's enjoying the extra shade on the deck.

The weather remains hot and humid with the thermometer hanging around the high 20s and most of the grass is brown. We've had a few short, heavy downpours but not that much rain. Our evenings are spent bonsai watering and dog walking.

Work for both of us is busy. Peter's done quite a few extra hours and Ann's been busy setting up her classroom and organising the unit. There are two classes in the satellite unit and the students are slightly older (middle school age 11-14 years).





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