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March has been another hot, dry month but at least the grass growth has finally slowed down – we actually managed to go for two weeks without mowing the lawn, and almost three weeks for the paddock. Everywhere looks quite brown due to lack of rain. We did have one night of frost a couple of weeks ago, and some of the tender plants were hit - like the basil Ann is growing for her pesto sauce, and some of the impatiens, begonias and other summer bedding. The temperature went from 25 degrees during the day to 2 degrees overnight. Mind you it shot back up to 28 degrees the following day.

We've discovered that Jaz doesn't like crickets. As Peter was putting the dogs to bed in the garage one night, Jaz ate her bedtime treat then slipped passed him and back into the family room and onto the sofa. A cricket was making a huge racket from its home in the middle of the wood pile in one corner of the garage. After trying to get the cricket out (and failing), emptying half a can of insect spray into the said wood pile (and still not shutting it up), we had to move the dog beds into the laundry where it was a little quieter, before we could persuade Jaz back to bed!

Ann's latest hedge - Corokia 'frosted chocolate' - planted September 2009

The hedge just a few months later. By next summer it will be four times as high.

Same goes for our Acacia tree (September 2009)......

..... and just a few months later.


Ann had a great 50th birthday - especially as everyone lied so convincingly about how she doesn't look anywhere near half a century! Peter took her out for a meal, we had some bonsai friends over for a shared supper (which included guest doggies for ours to play with), lots of gifts and cards, and a gorgeous bouquet from Ann and Dave!

We finally gave in and got a second bean bag for the dogs. Actually the first bean bag (the tartan one) isn't really a dog bed but one that Jean made for Ann quite a few years ago. But since the arrival of Jaz and Maxie it's been a fight to see who gets to it first after dinner.

Jean and John sent our two totally pampered pooches a new sign saying "Spoilt Rotten Dogs Live Here". They both think that it's quite appropriate and have asked us to hang it up at the front door.

During one of our evening walks Maxie managed to sit on a wasp and it stung her (right on her bottom). She was not at all amused and couldn't sit down for the next few hours (poor thing).

Peter continues to cut down the berberis hedge (5-6 metres at a time). He has also trimmed the Red Robin hedge Ann planted 4 years ago - all 130metres of it! It's now a respectable 2 metres high.

There have been a couple of accidents involving cars and fences in the village this month. We saw one fence which had been knocked down at the bottom of Franklin Street, and whilst walking the dogs last Saturday we saw a police car and ambulance outside the bakery. A car had gone through the fence of the house next door to the bakery and had hit the wall of the bakery (a bit strange as it's a straight road).

News from Home

Jean has taken up a new hobby and started growing orchids.
Alex and Michael out walking the dogs in T shirts and short sleeves - with snow on the ground (at their feet). Only in Colorado!

Allison celebrated her '74th' birthday with cake, OJ and a special meal.

Now either the kids swapped the candles around or Allison has the secret to eternal youth!!



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