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Peter has had an eventful month at work. One night he was working on backing up and restoring a couple of servers when he had a problem with the software he was using. In the end he was at work for 28 hours before he went home after getting the servers back running again.

Big work in the garden has stopped as the weekends have either been taken up with other things or it has been too wet. We've managed to do plenty of weeding of the strawberry beds and the flower border on the drier days. Fortunately the latter part of the month has been warm and we've been able to work in the garden in t-shirts.

The cherry tree is in full flower - hopefully we'll get some cherries this year.

We've dug up some trees from our bonsai growing on beds, both for ourselves and a couple of friends. We've also taken delivery of another load of young trees from Appletons Nursery to go into the growing on beds but these are temporarily shoved into some large pots in the shadehouse until a dry, planting out day arrives.

The Bonsai Convention draws ever nearer and Peter has been busy sawing and painting wood for the display stands. It means that the Ratmobile has had to move out of the garage temporarily whilst the paint dries.

Jaz is on antibiotics for a bladder infection - which is good as she'll soon be better and not wetting her bed each day/night. Unfortunately it's affecting her digestive system so her farting is worse - but as she prefers snuggling up on the sofa next to Peter Ann is quite happy! To get her to take the tablets we are having to force feed her with cheese. Of course Maxie also wants the cheese (but not the tablet) - so the shopping bill has gone up.

The annual Red Cross book fair saw us get a more balanced number of books this time, nine for Ann and 8 for Peter.

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary with a delicious meal at our local restaurant in Pirongia village. Welcome to the latest addition to the rabbit family. This is Praline.
After a good sniff both Jaz and Maxie have decided to ignore him.

News from Home

Helen and Andy have been having a wonderful time in the USA, and met up with Ann (the other Ann Mudie) and Auntie Sue in Washington.
In Philadelphia Andy got all excited when he saw the Rocky statue and ran all the way up the steps like he did in the film. Helen did it in a more ladylike manner.

Dave & Ann have been back to Turkey over the summer hols for more relaxation and recuperation.

Peter's Dad had a good day at the National Memorial Arboretum in Arlewas with a Commemorative Service for his Naval Association.

Ann's Dad is back from USA and gearing up for his first visit to New Zealand in a few weeks time.


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