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As we walk Jaz and Maxie around the village we have several dogs who say hello to them. We had a quick count and came up with 48 dogs we pass on our hour long walk. Some we know by name, Max, Bruce, Bella, Sam and Sparky to name a few, others we have made names up for like Echo, Tinkerbelle, Slim (an overweight pooch) and Sid and Eddie (a Great Dane and a miniature Schnauser).


Some of the trees we've planted in the paddock for training into bonsai have surprised us with fruit!

Three of the Crab Apple trees have produced a couple of dozen apples between them. The fruit is small and quite sharp to the taste.

The wildlife around here has got used to Jaz and Maxie - we found this hedgehog by the water tank and watched another one walk calmly around the garden for half an hour.

The roses and dahlias we have planted in memory of Ann's Mum and Peter's Grandad have done very well.

Maxie thought it was her turn to get some extra attention this month and managed to cut herself whilst trying to get through a barbed wire fence! This led to more expense in buying extra wire for the fence to stop her getting through.

Peter has now begun to cut the berberis hedge down to put the wire up but it's going to be a long job. Still - the wood we get from the hedge will probably keep us in fuel for the wood burner for a whole winter.



The weather has been fantastic with day time temperatures 25+ degrees (well into the 80's in old money) so we've been working in the garden every week-end. Jaz has helped in her role as horticultural supervisor. She does this very well from the comfort of the back seat of the ute.

Ann survived another ERO (Education Review Office) - school inspection for all none kiwis. Their report is due in another 6 -8 weeks. This is why Peter had to come back after only two days of a five day course in Auckland at the beginning of the month. The server and email system at school went AWOL and he had to help fix the problems before the school inspectors arrived. Peter wasn't very happy but the dogs were ecstatic - it meant they only missed one walk.

News from Home

Jean and John sent us this photo of them at the Patrol Service Christmas dinner. The one on the left is the trouble maker!!





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