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Kia Ora

Peter has started a 2 month contract doing project work for an IT company in Hamilton. It's in the city centre and he's working a bit later in the evenings than before so Ann is walking the dogs on her own if she gets in early enough. One evening it took Peter over 1 hour to get home due to a burst water main.

Ann's car has been challenging this month. First we had a flat battery after she picked Peter up from the pub then stopped for fish & chips. It took 1½ hours for the AA to get there. Ann also had a slow puncture in one of her rear tyres requiring Peter to swap it for the spare whilst the garage repaired the puncture.

Peter has been busy in the garden. He's built two pergolas which are now ready for the wisterias we want to grow up them.

In the background you can see where Peter cut back the pittosporum hedge on our side - but he couldn't reach the neighbours half as it's so deep. And in the foreground is our young lemon tree - doing well isn't it!

The other pergola is for the girls.
We spent a few hours one Saturday at a surprise 50th birthday party for one of Ann's school friends, Kathy.
Spotty Dog shows off her new pink blankie! It's almost a permanent fixture now - despite the fact that the house is lovely and warm with the wood burner going!
Maxie thinks Jaz is being a bit of a wuss!
We bought some new sheepskin mats for both girls as they are easier to wash and dry when Jaz has her accidents. They love them as you can see!

News from Home

Whilst Dave and Ann were in Turkey they ordered a 'village breakfast'. We think it's called that because there's enough food there to feed the entire village. All fresh and tasty.



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