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Kia Ora

Ann is back at school but no longer doing all the IT support, the staff training in IT or website stuff - yay! She's enjoying being just in the classroom doing proper teacher stuff!

Following on from all the recent breakages we've had the rice cooker broke. We bought a replacement and that broke as well! We're now on to our third rice cooker - fingers crossed it behaves itself.

Peter has finished building the wood shed and is now in the process of filling it for winter.
The number and size of the trees he's got to cut up has got a bit smaller already.
We've spent some time tidying the growing on beds and pruning the mugo pines we planted three years ago.
We'll need to dig up a lot of trees over the winter as they're getting rather big.
We've started eating our pumpkins and apples...
... and the grapes are just about ready to eat as well.

Maxie has been testing the perimeter fencing again - she escaped twice into one of our neighbours sections (a different one from the one she got into last month). Peter has had to make several repairs on the fencing to stop her getting out again. She has also been helping herself to peas from the vege bed. Ann caught her standing in the raised bed picking the pods, shelling them, eating the peas then spitting the empty pods onto the grass. Jaz prefers helping herself to the few strawberries that are left - much easier pickings!

Peter went with friends, Jeff and Jenni, to the Roger Waters concert in Auckland. He got back at 1.45am tired but very happy.

Maxie managed to finish off the soccer ball she plays with so we had to buy a new one. Ann confused the man in the store where we bought it from by asking for a football (he went immediately for a rugby ball).

We helped James, a friend, celebrate his '30-something' birthday and discovered that it really is a small world - James and Gwen's neighbours know Ann's boss, Jennifer, and Peter discovered that one of the vets he works with is Gwen's father.

Peter decided it was time for a new challenge and has left IT Partners after seven years and is currently looking for a new job, not necessarily in IT.


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