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NZ Links 2011

Our travels

Kia Ora,

Now that summer is almost here we've started on our fruit crops. We've had a picking of cherries since Ann put the netting up to stop the birds feasting, and the strawberries have started fruiting too. The veggies are coming along fine, too. We've had lettuce, radishes, peas and spring onions so far.

The front gates have warped and dropped so we're having new ones put in by a firm in the village. Peter can't wait as the new ones are electric so he doesn't have to get out of the car in the rain to open them, drive through, then get out of the car again to close them.

We've been battling mice in compost bins all winter but finally think we've beaten them for good. Now we have to move the compost so we can dispose of any carcases before any four legged friends get stuck in first!

It's been a month of breakages and bills. First the water treatment system broke down, then the mower broke, then the hot water pressure system went on strike and finally Ann's car failed its WOF (warrant of fitness - Kiwi version of an MOT). The water treatment system required a new pump, the mower needed work on the belt and blades, the hot water also needed cleaning and servicing and Ann's car needed new shock absorbers! Needless to say we are not going away over the summer holiday!

Spotty Dog found a way into the newly planted onion bed – despite Ann raising the sides! She's had several good growlings and hasn't jumped in since. We weighed the dogs and despite trying hard to feed them less neither girl had lost any weight at all. So Ann has started rationing their bed time snacks. Jaz's face was a picture when she realised she was only getting half her normal bedtime treat!

Ann has learned to make nutty praline. It's very moreish! Last week-end it was so windy the pear tree (which has yet to produce any fruit) was almost uprooted. We've been busy cleaning the windows, deck furniture and fly screens in preparation for summer.

The vets where we take the girls have moved into a new building. Peter was involved in moving all their computers over a weekend.

Peter made a quick return trip to the UK to see his Mom and Dad who weren't feeling too well. Whilst there he managed to see a few other family members and was treated to a meal at Simpsons (a Michelin star restaurant next door the church he and Ann got married in) by Dave and Ann.

It was a hive of industry when Peter stopped with David and Ann for a few days, Ann doing school paperwork, David building guitars and JD relaxing in front of the computer!
Peter and David only managed a quick visit to a pub in Lye. There wasn't enough time to sample the 10 real ales on hand pump and good food.

Before he left for the UK Peter gave Ann a cooking lesson on how to use the rice maker - she managed it twice (with mushroom curry) whilst he was overseas before pumpkin soup and weetbix became major ingredients in dinner for the rest of the week.

News from Home

Peter’s niece, Mel, has been awarded a Community Service Award.

The paper is quoted as saying

“Melanie Foxall’s force describes her as a ‘natural’ at community policing, an officer whose ‘passion, motivation and local knowledge’ made her an easy choice to be the dedicated town centre officer for Northfield, West Midlands”.

Whilst in the UK Peter also managed to pop down to the 49th Rifle and Pistol club to meet up with a few old friends - Alan, Clive and Moss.










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