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Kia Ora

It's been a bad month in South Island as you've all no doubt heard. Although this earthquake in Christchurch was smaller i.e. 6.5 it was much closer to the surface, and much closer to the city than the one in September. It also happened during the daytime. It is feared that over 200 people will have lost their lives and there has been heavy damage to buildings. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved - victims and rescuers alike.

One of the casualties was the cathedral which we saw when we were here on holiday in 2003. The spire has collapsed and the side of the building is heavily damaged.

This was a magnificent building and will hopefully look stunning again once it's been rebuilt.

Back to Pirongia - something has been eating our grapes! We had over a dozen bunches growing nicely then all of a sudden there was not one left! Fortunately we managed to eat our 2 nectarines before anything else got to them. The onions have all been dug up and we're eating our own apples, spuds and carrots, and there are pomegranates growing nicely on the bush. Ann is busy sowing more pea seeds as she now has to share fresh peas with the girls. Her Ladyship (aka Jaz) still requires the pods to be shelled but Maxie is now able to shell her own - clever dog. Ann just hopes Maxie doesn't decide to pick them herself too - or she'll never get any!

We have a very large pumpkin plant growing out of the compost heap. This was self set and is 10 times the size of the one Ann planted. There will be plenty of pumpkin for soup over winter, and seeds for roasting as treats for the dogs.

We went to a film premiere of 'Lily White' a short film shot in Hamilton and using pictures of bonsai trees to create a forest.

Our recycling is collected weekly and normally Peter takes the crate down to the gate. However he was working from home one week so Ann put the crate in her car - and forgot to unload it at the gate on her way to work - so it had a lovely round trip to school and back.

Old age is getting to Ann (as it does to all of us). One morning Peter went to give the dogs their breakfast and found some clean washed bowls. Ann had forgotten to feed the dogs the night before. But (says Ann) it was a very hot and humid evening and neither dog hassled us for food after their walk so they couldn't have been very hungry!!!

This is look of absolute pathos that Ann gets each evening when it's apple treat time.
I'm very comfortable here thank you. Please do not disturb me (disturbed enough already)!

News from Home

Peter's cousin Rob did a firewalk to raise money for St Mary's Hospice. The hospice has been supporting Rob and Jacqui's son Bob.

It looks pretty scary!!

It was sooooo cold in Colorado a few weeks ago that Alex's dresses froze solid on the washing line.

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