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Peter had a few days off over the month as we had various outings planned for weekends. The first of these was a trip to Auckland to see Il Divo in concert. The evening included taking Ann for fish and chips by the seaside before the concert. Ann thoroughly enjoyed the concert as they also sang two songs they haven't put on the CDs yet – 'Bridge over Troubled Waters' and 'The Impossible Dream'.

Whilst we were waiting to go into the arena Peter noticed that Andre Rieu was coming to town. He looked into tickets but the only ones left started at $350 each! (we didn't go).

The month started with plenty of rain and we got a little damp a couple of times taking doggies for walks but we only missed two days walkies. The end of the month was dry, warm and sunny.

Part way through the month we had a sudden cold snap and for only the second time since we moved here there was snow on Mount Pirongia.

Our bonsai club show was a great success. We had over 400 visitors through the doors which will help to pay for the club's activities next year.

Peter had a few days in Christchurch for the bonsai convention where he had to speak to launch the Hamilton Convention - Ann stayed at home to look after doggies (and do some schoolwork).

On the Friday Peter took part in the inaugural 'Emerging Talent' competition along with Jeff from the Hamilton club, and four others from bonsai clubs around New Zealand. They were all given a piece of raw material drawn at random and allowed three hours to produce a bonsai. They then had to wait until the dinner on Saturday evening to find out which of the six competitors had won. Peter was very surprised when his name was called out as the winner - he took home a trophy and a bottle of wine for Ann. He also has a workshop with one of the top bonsai artists from Australia at a date to be arranged.

Ann had a call back day in Auckland - during her Term 3 holiday - boo!!!

We've planted lots of veges and have just eaten our first strawberries of the year. The spuds have finally run out and we are now having to buy them until Christmas when our own should be ready.

News from Home

Three of our nephews have been causing harm to themselves. Michael broke his arm playing roller hockey and had to have it pinned. Ryan also needed surgery for a fractured wrist whilst Reece damaged the tendons in his foot so badly that at first the doctor thought he'd broken it too. What on earth are they all up to!

John & Allison had a 'slight' dusting of snow. Next week the temperatures are expected to be in the 60's (high teens for those using new money).


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