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August started out cold but as the month has gone on it's become much warmer. Ann hasn't had the fire going for over a week now and there are flowers on all the fruit trees. We've finally managed to buy some carpet for the sleepout and Peter put it down one rainy Sunday. Now we can move all of the junk from the bedrooms into the sleepout.

We have added pear and cherry trees to our orchard but it looks like the lime we planted hasn't survived the winter.

Whilst working in the garden one day both dogs were misbehaving so they both ended up in 'time out'. Jaz was most upset - she's never been shut in her kennel before. Maxie's been in and out of it for her whole life with us so she just chilled until we let them both out again!


Peter went on another Microsoft course in Auckland so Ann had to survive on cheese and crackers for 4 nights. Whilst Peter was in Auckland Ann found a white tailed spider sneaking up on her one evening (well, it was crawling slowly along the ceiling) and she had to bravely fend it off all by herself!

Ann was in the local shop one Sunday and Peter was outside with the dogs when a massive pitbull type dog came running over and attacked Maxie. Ann and a shop assistant ran out to help and the pitbull's owner ran out and pulled his dog off. Maxie had a couple of wounds on her neck but was ready to fight for her life!! Jaz managed to slip out of her collar and, instead of running away (as any normal dog would) just ran around the car park area in ever decreasing circles panicking like mad!

Ann's school have been having some themed morning teas. Last week it was 'Brit day' so all the Brits had to take some food from their country in. Ann’s mum and grandmother would have been proud - she made Welsh cakes and Teisen Lap. The Welsh cakes were a huge success!!!!

We have started rearranging the flower bed where we have the shrubs, it's only about 40m long and varies between 3m and 5m wide. As you might guess - it's taking a bit of organising to relocate plants which have ended up in the wrong place.

We went to the Woodbox for a meal to celebrate our Anniversary. We've been there before, several times and it's very nice but the menu was a bit lacking in vegetarian options this time.

The drainage work has finished and all we're waiting for now is for the soil to dry out a bit more so Franz can run over the section with a fine rake and reseed it.

Ann's had another short week-end - a call back day on Saturday 29th (teacher training day). These are always held either at week-ends or during the holidays, and there can be up to 10 call back days a year.

Ann's latest rabbit, Windy, arrived on our Anniversary to join the clan. He's small but cute and both dogs wanted to chew on his feet immediately!


News from Home


Dave and Ann had a good holiday in Turkey (no - it's not snow)
Mel and Darren celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary and the twins celebrated their 18th birthday. Now they can legally take Darren to the pub and buy him a drink (or two).

John's Naval Association held the dedication of their new memorial to the 13,890 men of the Royal Naval Patrol Service who were lost in WWII at the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas.

The weather was good for the dedication and with 129 seated for lunch it was a very busy day.

This photo appeared on the BBC website and the event also made it onto the ITN news on Sunday evening.


One piece of sad news. A friend from Ann's first special school, John Redfern, sadly passed away earlier this month.


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