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Jaz is on another round of antibiotics for a wound on her back - either from rough play with Maxie or one of the thorny bushes in our bonsai growing on beds that she insists on exploring.

We visited the cinema in Te Awamutu again and saw Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D. A good, fun movie. After not going to the movies for about 5 years we've now been three or four times in as many months.

We've had quite a few cold evenings lately so the girls have worn their coats whilst out for their walks. They do look cute and they get lots of smiles and waves from admirers.

The local vets had a special offer on the flea treatment we use - a free flashing light for the dogs to wear when out walking in the dark. By pleading nicely Ann managed to get a second one so they both have little LED light which flash red, white and blue. We'd bet on no-one running us over in the dark with these lights as they're so bright - but we think that we actually could cause a traffic accident just because they're so distracting!

I know I've had my popcorn but yours looks much nicer!

Ann has started hanging out her home made bird feeders - the birds love them and so do the dogs - who hang around hoping for a strong wind to blow them down!

Ann came home one evening to find Meg - next door's Border Collie - running around our garden. She managed to find the hole Meg had used and patch it but before Peter could apply a permanent fix Maxie had managed to make a return visit and go play with Meg.

The battery on the mower finally died after eight years and as it took Peter a few weeks to get a replacement sorted the grass grew and now we're back to fighting to keep it short again.

During a week of fairly wet and windy weather this tornado was spotted just up the road from us in Paterangi.

The trees we planted last year for firewood are growing nicely. Another four years and hopefully we'll be able to start chopping them down for firewood.

Some of them are already 3m tall.

With Ann ordering more Kanuka trees for the inner hedge Peter has been digging up the turf in the paddock where the hedge will be going. He's also been slowly working his way through digging up the bonsai trees we've got planted in the ground for growing on.


This 10 metre long bed used to be full of Mugo Pines and Malus. There are only two more trees to dig up (in this bed) before we level and re-seed it with grass. After that there will only be another five similar beds to empty and return to grass.


Peter has also extended the pumpkin bed and made the sides a lot sturdier.




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