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Kia Ora

We have decided to alter the sides of the veggie plots as they were starting to bow out. It also gave Peter the chance to increase the height of the smaller ones as well as add compost. He has managed to rebuild two of them so far - as well as doubling the size of the strawberry bed - we had so many runners to transplant when it came to tidying them up.

One of Peter's colleagues had a slight mishap one Saturday. His car was 5 days old and although it was not his fault his feelings were a bit hurt. Fortunately no-one was hurt

Sandra from the Bonsai Club was asked by her neighbours to get rid of a group of camellias along her driveway. We managed to dig up 5 (plus two for Sandra to put into pots). The ute looked a bit full on the way back home.

We've put ours into large tubs for the moment - not sure yet if we'll turn them into bonsai or just plant them into the ground.

Now that the rain storms have finally receded (only two months of almost continuous rain and stormy weather) we have been able to get into the garden and finish off the bonsai stands. Now all we have to do is get the rest of the trees into proper pots.

Now it's officially Spring the weather has turned drier and sunnier - in fact we managed to get a little sunburned one Saturday whilst working in the garden. The grass is growing again - it takes about three days before it needs mowing again - you can see why a lot of people keep the odd sheep in the garden.

We went up to Auckland one Sunday to get one or two large bonsai pots - we came back with 11 pots for the trees and two pots for the front of the house and are now very busy potting on the bonsai from their plastic tubs into proper pots.

Peter was in Auckland for a four day course on the software used to run Blackberry phones. Ann, Jaz and especially Maxie missed him greatly. Ann managed a day in Auckland on an IT course with six colleagues from school.

The Annual Pirongia Craft Fair in the village got a little bit damp. It was sunny and warm and very busy when we walked around it early in the morning but by lunch time it had started raining. At 5 o'clock when we took the dogs out for their walk there was no sign that there had been a craft fair at all. This year we only bought some wine but we did order a couple of extra benches and a swing seat for the garden. Ann also had a look at the Alpacas which looked a little sorry for themselves.

Skip raider is back! - Maxie has managed to climb into our five foot high compost bins so Peter has had to raise the height of the sides - again.

Ann is on holiday - before Term 4 begins (the last term of the year) - and booked her car in for a service and Warrant of Fitness (MOT). Unfortunately she decided to trust the dogs to behave themselves in the house (rather than in the garden) for the 15 minutes it took between dropping the car off at the village garage and walking back home. Jaz and Maxie ran riot. They emptied the waste paper bin (it had been almost full), they ate the cereal bar they found in Ann's bum bag on her desk, leaving crumbs and scraps of wrapper all around the desk. They also managed to get the very large plastic food container off the kitchen work bench and onto the floor. It was over half full of dog treats but all that was left were a mass of crumbs strewn across the kitchen tiles and surrounding carpet. They also managed to knock half a dozen other things off the work bench in their eagerness to get at the treats. The family room looked like a tornado had ripped through! Needless to say the dogs spent the next hour in the garage, in disgrace, whilst Ann cleaned up, and they were very contrite when allowed back into the house (for all of 5 minutes)!

News from Home

Dave and Ann came back from a fun holiday in Turkey, including getting a little bit wet!


John, Allison, Alex and Michael enjoyed their last few days of the summer holidays with several trips, including a visit to the swimming pool, and a trip along the Trail Ridge Road where the kids found a little cave. Michael was very keen to camp out there for the night. John and Michael climbed to the top of the trail - 12,005 feet above sea level.


This is Allison and John's latest addition to their alpaca family. Mum is called Madison but baby has yet to be given a name.


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