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NZ Links 2008

Our travels

Kia Ora

We've had 4 weeks of very settled weather, dry and sunny during the day but clear and cold during the night. Both of the dogs have been very cold at night despite their coats so Ann has allowed them to sleep in the hallway overnight. This meant that Ann was getting up 2 or 3 times each night to let Jaz (and her weak bladder) out to the toilet. It lasted until one of the dogs was sick on the carpet. The next day we bought a firescreen and now they are back in the garage but have their own heater in the laundry room where they now sleep.

We've seen several hedgehogs wandering around the garden, Peter had to wait for a couple of minutes for one to get out of his way whilst driving up the driveway one evening.

We collected 150 Photinia 'Red Robin' to finish off the hedge down the one side of the paddock.

Over the Queen's Birthday weekend we also planted 46 purple Ake Ake (forever and ever) plants to line the driveway and 130 trees for growing on as Bonsai. These include Mugo pine, Kahikatea, Kowhai, Ginkgo, Crab Apple and four different types of Maples.

We have also planted 10 Sequoia for us to cut down as Christmas trees. These will easily grow again from the stumps giving us an endless supply of real Christmas trees.

Whilst cleaning up the front Maxie decided she wanted to play with the hosepipe. We ended up with a very soggy doggy!


News from Home

Darren made a whistle stop business trip to New Zealand, unfortunately he didn't have time to come and see us but we managed a chat on the phone. He and Mel are so impressed with New Zealand that they are looking into moving over here.

Ann and David have had a short break in Dublin where Ann enjoyed her first pint of Guinness.

Ann has now got all the gear to become a biker chick as she foolishly said that she would go on the back of David's new bike!

Nick is still busy doing IT support for a firm of solicitors, Helen is just completing her final placement (then she needs to find a job) and JD is working for Tesco until he starts Uni in September.

Mark has been acting again – two more roles in Dr Who – in one episode he gets killed by giant spuds!

Alex and Michael had fun at the carnival on the base.

Michael helped with a science experiment and sat in a helicopter while Alex had fun riding a pony.



Alex in her ballet costume.


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