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Kia Ora Everyone

Jaz has been getting better at the hydrotherapy sessions! She still doesn't like the water coming into the tank and tries to lift several paws at once to avoid it but will tolerate whatever we do to her - as usual. The biggest problem has been when we get back home. Maxie is very jealous of Jaz and Ann going out, and on their return there is always a fight with Maxie snarling and growling at Jaz. Needless to say we're glad the sessions have finished for the moment. Jaz hasn't limped since so hopefully it's done her some good.



Maxie has decided that she can jump the front garden fence (which was about a metre high) so now it's 1.5m high. Will she managed to jump that too - only time will tell - watch this space!

When we returned from one of our evening walks with the dogs we came across this Gum Emperor Moth on one of the slabs outside the back door. Maxie gave it a good sniff and then left it alone.

We've planted out another 80 + plants into the flower bed, plus a couple of dozen sunflowers to encourage the birds and insects.

We discovered Maxie supplementing her diet by eating the potatoes which next door's kids have been digging up from their veggie plot and chucking over the fence into our garden. There is also one less spud growing in our potato bed because of Jaz. Ann sorted the spuds into two piles, planted the first row neatly, went to plant the second row only to find Jaz merrily chomping away on a seed potato!

Whilst relaxing on the deck, enjoying a cool fruit smoothie one lunch time we were entertained by our neighbour herding his escapee ducklings back to their pen! Wish we had a photo to show but we were too busy laughing at the sight of a grown, 18 stone man herding a group of tiny ducklings across his paddock with a stick!

Spring is here with warm dry days and plenty of fresh strawberries from the garden. It's a bit of a chore to pick so many every night but we do enjoy the taste (as do Maxie and Jaz).

You can tell Spring is here as we had another baby bird fall down the fire flue for the second Spring in a row. Last time there was only Ann to worry over it, but this time Maxie heard it and worried constantly for a day and a half - until it managed to drop fully into the fire itself and we could open the fire door so it could fly away. Every time the bird fluttered its wings Maxie raced over to the fire trying to see it. She even tried to get round the back of the flue to see if the bird was there. Jaz of course took no notice whatsoever of all the noise and commotion!

Once again Ann and Jean provided some of the laughs at the Pat Ave Christmas meal.

Although the material for their double act had been written some time ago, they were still editing it whilst we were eating our main course.

News from Home

Mel has sent us these pictures from Kieran's passing out parade for the RAF Regiment.

Allison, John, Michael and Alex presented their alpacas at the Fall Fest Alpaca Show.

Both Alex and Michael won awards for their alpacas - congratulations!
Clive sent us some pictures of the 49th on a recent trip to Bisley.



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