Ann & Peter

in New Zealand

NZ Links 2007

Our travels

Our sudden trip to the UK saw us again racking up the air miles. This time we were able to upgrade to Business Class for part of the return journey. What a difference, cloth napkins and tablecloths, food on china plates (served one course at a time instead of all on the one tray), champagne or juice on taxiing plus plenty of leg room.

Whilst in the UK we went over to Birmingham for the weekend to visit family and friends.

Mel, Darren and the boys were all at home although there will soon be a bit of peace and quiet as Kieran is off to join RAF in August.
Duncan and Lyn are currently converting an old Grammar School into their new home.
Peter's parents celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary whilst we were there, so we went out for a meal along with Muriel and John.
Ann's 'old' school has moved into a brand new building. We were given a guided tour and met lots of old friends.


Allison and a couple of her friends are avid fans of the TV series '24'. One of her friends managed to get them each a signed photo from Keifer Sutherland.

Just before we left the UK we went with Mike, John, Allison, Gwen, Michael and Alex to Woburn Safari Park......

Michael got very close to an albino wallaby and......
.........became a Sea Lion trainer
Alex fed a few birds, both small...
....and large
Peter and Allison also made friends with an Eagle Owl


On our return we were greeted with plenty of licks and woofs by Jaz and Maxie. They'd both behaved themselves in kennels - until the day of our return when they decided to shred their beds into several pieces! Now it's back to daily walks, opening outside doors for toilet visits, meals and treats.

Since we've been back it's either been very cold or very wet (and sometimes both at once). Peter hasn't had a chance to mow the lawn yet as the mower went in for a service on the Saturday after we returned and it's been raining almost everyday since.


News from home

The older Ann celebrated her 50th birthday and Dave treated her with a weekend in Barcelona. Mark has now got his stage name - Mark Lambert - and an equity card. Peter has been busy updating Mark's website to reflect his new name. Check out

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