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NZ Links 2007

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Kia Ora

The local wildlife is getting used to us, one weekend we were just about to go for a walk when we noticed a Falcon calmly sitting in the garden. We watched it for about 10 minutes before it flew away to look for something to eat.

Maxie and Jaz have been making friends with Rosie and Sam when they came round with their owners for a barbie we had for friends in the bonsai club. Notice how it's only Maxie who posed for her picture, the others were off playing.

Weekends have been taken up with improving the fencing around the dog pound at the back of the house. We started off with horizontal wires but had to add chicken wire when Maxie pushed her way through. Next was wood along the bottom of the fence when Maxie (and possibly Jaz) started digging their way out. This was followed by extra wires to increase the height of the fence. Finally we have had to put more chicken wire up to make the fence 2m high! The height of the wood and wire we have used in the compost heaps has also been increased as we have found both dogs in the skip eating the food scraps!

We are well into Doggy school on a Tuesday evening. Maxie and Jaz are learning how to Sit, Lie Down, Stay and walk alongside us correctly. Maxie won a prize in week 5 and Jaz had to go into the remedial class as she wouldn't stay down when Ann told her to.

Ann is into week 5 of Term 1 and is thoroughly enjoying being back in class four days a week, and doing the school IT the other day.

We'd been getting fed up with all of the sand we (and the dogs) were bringing into the house from the driveway so Ann asked the landscape gardeners who were working next door for a quote. They'd been using some of our spare topsoil for a little job and were able to do the job quickly. They have completed the drive from the gate to the concrete area in front of the garage, smoothed all of the edges with topsoil and sown grass seed.

With the driveway now finished we have also managed to plant up the small flower bed next to the front door. Although the plants are small at the moment they will soon grow.

Ann has a new toy to help Peter with the lawns. She now has her own lightweight brush cutter to trim the edges of the lawn and cut the grass around the flaxes we planted by the front gate, leaving Peter's brush cutter for the heavier jobs in the paddock and around the trees.
For the Waitangi Day holiday we decided to take the dogs to the seaside. The small town of Kawhia is around 60K (40 miles) from us and we wanted to check it out. The drive down was very scenic and once we'd had a look around the town we drove out to Ocean Beach. The road to the beach is through a large forest area along a very quiet road.
Once we got to the beach both Jaz and Maxie found the black volcanic sand too hot for their little paws so Peter scrambled up the dunes to take a couple of pictures whilst the three girls had a drink in the shade.

News from Home

In December we told you about Jean and John having lunch with Doug Ellis at the Nautical Club. We have just received this picture of the fun.
Ann's two nephews have been busy. Mark has been doing more acting work - including High Hopes, Casualty and Dr Who whilst Michael celebrated his 9th birthday in style.

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