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On the 1st and 2nd we hosted a Bonsai workshop with Nobu Kajiwara from the UK.

Over the weekend we learnt a lot about pruning and repotting techniques and the horticultural reasoning behind them.
When Peter offered to buy Ann a rock for Christmas, many of our friends thought it was a diamond ring or brooch - how wrong can they get?
We then went out and bought 1 tonne of gravel and a rush grass to accompany the rock. The grass will eventually grow to 1.5m.
Our neighbour, Bruce has reached the ripe young age of 70 and held a large party in his garden to celebrate. We climbed over the fence to join in and met quite a few people from the village and the surrounding area.

Despite his intentions, Peter went on another training course to Wellington for a week. During the course there were three powercuts on the Monday and Tuesday. This meant that they had to leave the building by the stairs (from the eighth floor). The first time they managed to get half way down before the emergency lighting in the stairwell also went out. Fortunately Peter had a pen with a light in the end and with the aid of lights from a couple of mobile phones they made it down OK. The third time the power went out Peter was in the lift. He had to wait 10 minutes for enough power to come back on to get the doors open.

Whilst Peter was in Wellington, Maxie went back to honing her escapology skills. She managed to push her way through the wire early one morning. Ann closed the gap with wood before going to school, and then found Maxie waiting in the car for her!!!. Back into the dog run and close up the next hole.

The following Saturday Ann and Peter were woken by the sound of paws running around the deck outside the bedroom. Maxie had taken up tunneling this time and dug under the wire - she gets full marks for persistence!

Maxie's Diary

Thursday - got out into the paddock overnight but they found the hole in the wire - damn. I'll have to make another one tonight.

Friday - bugger, they caught me outside the wire - on bread and water now.

Friday night - new plan - this time I'll dig under the wire of the other fence.

Saturday - oops - got caught again! Have to think of a new plan!

Sunday - managed to get through the wire into the garden.

Monday - they've found the hole in that fence now. Have to go back to plan B.

All this time Jaz was around but didn't try to escape at all! Of course as Jaz only has one thing on her mind her diary would be very short.

Monday - saw a rock - wonder if I can eat it?

Tuesday - found a dead bird - perhaps I can eat it?

Wednesday - passed a smelly old boot on our walk this evening - do you think it's edible?

Thursday - spied a rabbit - can I eat it?

Friday - saw some flowers on the roadside - can I eat them?


We had our first visitors from the UK. Pam and Karen stopped by on their trip around the world.

The 'Chestnut Lane & Collinson Street' Christmas street party was a success again.

Father Christmas was very busy that day so he sent one of his fairies to hand out the gifts. She arrived in some style!

On Christmas Day we had two very obedient doggies waiting patiently for their Christmas presents. They each had a toy and some chews.

Maxie's toy didn't last too long but she enjoyed her cracker chew. Jaz managed to make her toy last until Boxing Day.

On Boxing Day we went to the local races. We limited our losses and only spent $12 in betting (and Ann won $3.50)
To help them keep cool over the summer, Ann bought Maxie and Jaz a paddling pool, apart from a quick drink they haven't gone in it yet.
Just for a bit of fun (according to our neighbour) we decided that we should move the shade house and put the doorway at the other end. It now lines up with the hothouse and the hosepipe will now reach all the way to the back making watering a bit easier. It also gave us a bit more room for bonsai staging.

On New Years Eve we went round to Dianne and Noel's for a BBQ. Unfortunately the rain also decided to come when Noel was cooking.

Jaz managed to disgrace herself. Whilst we were inside eating, she disappeared into the rain, Peter found her munching on a rabbit that Dianne's cats had killed. Ann was not impressed!!

News from Home

The saddest news was the loss of Peter's Grandad just two months short of his 100th Birthday. We will miss him a great deal.

Congratulations to Michael who tested for and received his Recommendation Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In Colorado it was a very cold, white Christmas outside although everyone was warm and snug indoors!

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