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NZ Links 2007

Our travels


Because we have had a few cold nights, Ann decided that our four footed friends should be nice and warm with some winter coats to wear in bed.

Here we see Jaz modeling her dark blue coat with light blue trim whilst Maxie prefers the more subtle dark blue and green.

These coats have proved so warm that we have been woken up most mornings at around 3.00 by barking hot doggies.

When we come home from work we try to play tennis with the girls. Maxie always joins in and runs after the ball until she collapses. Jaz has a new trick, she sneaks up on Maxie and runs off with the ball. She usually runs after a couple of balls before deciding she's had enough and watches from the sidelines.

The fourth IT Partners after work tasting was put on by Andrew (with a little help from Maree and Ainsley). This time we went up market with 11 bottles of Champagne to taste ranging from $20 to $300+!

Peter doesn't really like champagne but Ann made up for it. A really good evening.

Andrew opens the first bottle

It's a serious business - tasting notes and quizzes on each bottle.

Now - which one do I like the best?

For our Anniversary, Peter treated Ann to a trip to the theatre, The RSC were in Auckland with a production of King Lear. Sir Ian McKellern played Lear with Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who) as the Fool and William Gaunt as Gloucester. A very impressive performance and a great night out.

After our busy weekend with Champagne and Lear, we decided not to go on a Bonsai Club dig in the redwood forest at Rotorua. Whilst we missed out on some magnificent trees, we also missed out on the two hour visit to A&E when one of the trees decided to fight back whilst Jeff was digging it up - eight stitches in the hand!!!

Maxie is STILL practicing to be an escapologist when she grows up! She found another hole in the fence into next door's garden so Peter came home early one day after work and patched it. A few days later she escaped again - this time we caught her jumping the fence. Now we're watching her when she goes out at night because Ann refuses to make the fence any higher as the garden would start to resemble Wandsworth or Winson Green prisons!

Mowing by moonlight

We ran out of daylight - the mower has its own headlights - so mowing in the dark is natural!

Maxie and Jaz had a friend come over to play one Sunday afternoon. Jeff and Jenni came over for afternoon tea and brought Rose. Maxie and Rose had a good time running all round the garden whilst Jaz preferred to try and pester us for a snack.
The Lunar Eclipse was highly publicised over here. We went outside about 10:45 and saw a beautiful red moon.



News from home

Clive sent us some pictures of our old friends at the 49th Rifle and Pistol club trip to Bisley. Looks like they had a nice day.

Happy birthday to Kieran, Kyle, Arron & Darren. Also happy anniversary to Mel & Darren!

Good luck to Kieran - he's just joined the RAF.

Congratulations to David on his graduation!

David with Steve and Shirley

With Catherine and Vicky
Michael at the Tae Kwon Do board breakathon, the TKD school raised almost $1400 for charity
Another alpaca baby born earlier this month for Allison and John. She’s about 18 hours old in this photo.





Ann’s Dad taking one of their gelding males for a walk (Mike’s the one on the right!)


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