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NZ Links 2007

Our travels

April has been a very busy month for us, with a lot of things going wrong. Amongst our disasters we have had our large mirror fall off the wall in the entrance hallway and break two floor tiles (as well as shattering the mirror), flat batteries in the Ute and Peter's work car, flat tyres on the ride on mower and Ann's car, the washing machine failing and mice in the garage. We've yet to do anything about the mirror or hall tiles but the rest have been sorted (including a new washing machine, and the capture - and execution - of two mice in the garage).

Before we had any dogs we made a rule that they were not allowed on the furniture. It's taken 3 months but Ann finally succumbed.
Maxi had a small lump on her back leg which she knocked and it started bleeding. Off to the vet's who suggested the lump be removed. We picked up one very sorry looking doggy that afternoon.

Now that Autumn is here we have found that we are not being hassled by the dogs when it comes to our meal time. We wonder why?

We have now finished Basic Dog Training Class and both Jaz and Maxie have certificates and ribbons to show their achievements.

Both dogs have just started Intermediate Classes which should make them behave a bit better (some hope).

As Ann's mum was ill in hospital we decided to fly back for a quick visit over the Easter break. We managed to get Maxie and Jaz into a new kennels just down the road and arrange our flights. Our journey was a bit of a roundabout route, Auckland - Brisbane - Singapore - Dubai - Heathrow on the outward trip and Heathrow - Dubai - Bangkok - Sydney - Auckland on the way back (door to door about 45 hours each way) and we managed 5 1/2 sunny days in the UK.

During our flying trip to the UK we spent the Saturday visiting Peter's Mom and Dad, his Grandad and brother Dave.


Dave practising the Mandolin



We also had a quick trip to South Wales to see Shan, Mark, Bev, Lisa and Paige before heading back to Peterborough.

Work on the garden continues. Peter has finally managed to shift the last of the sand from the dog pound. His next job is to put up a washing line so Ann can dry the clothes outside.

One of the plants we put into the garden attracts Monarch Butterflies. When we bought the plants they had caterpillars all over them. Several of these have now turned into these spectacular looking butterflies.

Ann's school have just finished having an inspection - ERO - much like OFSTED in the UK. Preliminary reports indicate the inspectors were very favourably impressed by the school, staff and students - phew!

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